Quiet and Rust-Free Casters

Pemco’s NylaKat™ casters elevate both the performance and appearance of shopping carts, all while helping to reduce noise within stores. These casters keep carts looking newer, longer, and provide a smoother and quieter experience for shoppers.

  • Durable, glass-filled nylon body maintains original appearance longer, and will not rust – creating a safer environment for shoppers!
  • Sealed precision ball bearing swivel is more ergonomic and provides a better seal from dirt and debris compared to steel casters
  • Ultra-quiet operation reduces unnecessary noise in stores
  • A durability comparable to steel casters

NylaKat™ is available with any of our premium shopping cart wheels (see Tread Types for more information!).


KasterKat wheels feature our premium polyurethane on a polyproplene core. The red ring found in KasterKat wheels is a molded annular ring mixed with polyurethane, which chemically and mechanically locks tread to core. The red annular ring, and rounded tread, helps provide the smoothest rolling surface, with additional shock absorbing features not found in competitor’s wheels. KasterKat wheels are famous for their outstanding wear characteristics and floor protection. The wheels resist most chemicals, solvents, acids and oils.


Polykat wheels features a polyurethane tread mechanically locked to a polypropylene core, which helps prevent tread separation. Famous for outstanding wear characteristics and floor protection, these wheels resist most chemicals, solvents, acids and oils. The rounded tread provides better rollability an maneuverability compared to other wheels.


QuietKat wheels are made with a Thermal Plastic Rubber tread, which helps to cushion your ride over rough surfaces. The softer 88A Durometer tread design will not mark your floors. Lightweight and resistant to chemicals, water and steam, these wheels are designed to prevent the pick-up of debris and can handle a variety of weather conditions.


SuperKat wheels are made with a soft, natural rubber tread material and have a more rounded tread shape. Specifically designed to continue spinning while being pulled sideways by cart pushing machines, these wheels are more resistant to flat-spotting compared to conventional wheels.

Antistatic Wheels

When shopping, customers do not want to be zapped by static electricity. Our Anti-static wheels are manufactured with a synthetic resin conductor that discharges static electricity with every wheel rotation. With an internal system, there is no longer a need for chains or straps that can break or become entangled. A limited warranty guards the wheels against failure or wear out beyond a reasonably serviceable condition for the life of your product.

Tensioner Wheels

Tensioner wheels reduce damage caused by rolling, unattended shopping carts. Designed to hold unattended carts on a slight slope (1-2 degrees), these wheels will help slow down acceleration of runaway carts on greater slopes.

Fusion Wheels

We understand that shopping needs and parking lot conditions can vary widely. Fusion wheels combine the features of our Tensioner and Anti-Static wheels.

The fusion wheel is designed to decelerate runaway shopping carts, and can hold carts on a slight slope (1-2 degrees). Additionally, an internal synthetic resin conductor will discharge static electricity with every wheel rotation.

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  • NylaKat with QuietKat Wheel
  • NylaKat with SuperKat Wheel
  • NylaKat with PolyKat Wheel
  • NylaKat with PolyKat Wheel and Tensioner
  • NylaKat with Antistatic PolyKat Wheel
  • NylaKat with KasterKat Wheel