About Pemco

Pemco is a leader in the shopping cart wheel and caster market. We’ve been servicing the needs of the global caster retail industry for over 65 years. Our selection of products and unsurpassed product knowledge allows us to offer the best product value at costs that fit your budget.

We’re the designer and manufacturer of the industry-leading “red ring” KasterKat™ wheel, which features an annular red ring that chemically and mechanically bonds the wheel tread to the core. This is just one example of our innovate products that provide unique solutions to your caster needs.

While Pemco has manufacturing capabilities internationally, a majority of our products are produced domestically here in the U.S.A. Our automated manufacturing processes produce high volume products with consistent quality. In-house engineering support ensures that custom needs are addressed in a timely, efficient manner. We have a robust distribution network with a flexible container program that allows our products to be sent directly to your production facilities.

As part of Colson Group USA, we have access to resources backed by the world’s largest caster and wheel company.

Pemco Innovation – Key Patents

Pemco Casters has over 50 design patents. Here, we present a few of our key patents:

  • 1964: Inverted kingpin swivel fork design
  • 1974: Original Pemco wheel bearing design
  • 1982: Shock-absorbing wheel bearing design
  • 1984: Rotary table for injecting molding of shopping cart wheels
  • 1986: Flex bracket, spring steel rear horn for shopping carts
  • 1991: Original adjustable tensioner wheel designer
  • 2004: Conductive, antistatic wheel design
  • 2009: Self-actuating centrifugal break


We have access to multiple stamping presses up to 300 tons, and multiple molding presses up to 480 tons.


We are ISO 9001 certified. Our quality engineers and inspectors perform both incoming and outgoing inspection processes, which include, but are not limited to, the following tests:

  • Durability testing
  • Impact testing
  • Salt Spray testing
  • Brake testing
  • Temperature performance testing