Shopping Cart Solutions


New Shopping Cart Caster Rigs. Made of glass-filled nylon. Will not rust! Lasts longer than steel casters.

Snow Guards

Full thread guards specially designed to reduce accumulation of snow, water, and other debris in shopping cart wheels. Keep your stores cleaner, dryer, and safer for happy customers.


Our signature red ring mechanically and chemically bonds tread and core, resulting in a trusted shopping cart caster and wheel solution.


These durable rubber wheels provide shopping carts a quiet, well-cushioned ride in a variety of environments.


Our SuperKat wheels will rotate when pulled sideways by cart pushing machines, reducing flat-spotting caused by dragging.


An industry favorite, PolyKat wheels are designed to withstand usage in a variety of shopping cart environments.

Polykat Anti-Static

Shoppers don’t want to be zapped by static electricity. Anti-Static Casters and Wheels solve that problem.

Polykat Tensioner

Tensioner wheels help reduce damage caused by rolling, unattended shopping carts.

Polykat Adjustable Tensioner

Adjustable Tensioner wheels allow you to set the self-decelerating liability protection for your parking lot conditions.

Polykat Fusion

These wheels offer the fusion of our anti-static and tensioner wheels for the ultimate shopper comfort and protection.