Introducing Pemco A-Line

We are excited to introduce you to A-line, a focused 1-1/4″ wide caster program geared for shipment responsiveness, competitiveness, and partnered growth. ​Officially launching this July, A-line will be supported by large on-hand inventories of assemblies and components to meet both your standard and opportunistic requirements. The purpose of this communication is to provide you with […]

Budget-friendly Pneumatic Solutions

Our budget-friendly pneumatic caster will protect your cargo and protect your bottom line.

Pemco Nylakat Snowguard

Introducing NylaKat Nylon Casters and Snow-Guard Thread Guards

New Pemco SuperKat Wheel Saves Stores Money on Out-of-Control Shopping Carts and Caster Replacements

Pemco, a Colson Group USA brand, has launched an upgraded shopping cart wheel designed to help slow-down out-of-control shopping carts and reduce wheel flat-spotting. The new Pemco SuperKat Tensioner wheel features an innovative tensioner inside the center of the wheel to help reduce unexpected rolling of unattended shopping carts. The wheel tension provided by the…

New Wheel Reduces Flat Spotting and Out of Control Carts

Are you tired of the costs to replace wheels due to flat-spotting and the damage runaway shopping carts can cause? Let us introduce Pemco’s newest shopping cart wheel: The SuperKat Tensioner (part#83225E) Designed to provide lasting performance and safety – the SuperKat Tensioner is in-stock, at a great price, and features: A high-performance natural rubber…

Pemco Casters Receives Mention by CasterNews

CASTERNEWS has shared mention of Pemco Casters on their news website this morning. Visit CASTERNEWS for the Pemco articles and more Caster-industry related news. Direct links to the Pemco Articles: Pemco Casters: New Website with Powerful App Features Pemco Casters: Introducing the E-Line–Economical 2″ Wide Caster Family

Pemco Launches Economical 2″ Wide Caster Family: E-Line

Pemco, a brand of Colson Group USA, announces a new economical family of 2-inch wide casters and wheels with the launch of: E-Line. The E-Line offers the industry’s most popular combinations of 2-inch wide casters and wheels, and features unique options such as rigid brakes and USA-Made wheel choices. The product is ideal for…

Pemco launches new, advanced caster website

Pemco, an industry leader specializing in casters and wheels for multipurpose and retail cart applications, announces the launch of its new, redesigned website: The new website exhibits a modern approach to the caster and wheel industry, incorporating 3D model technology to deliver high quality and relevant information to visitors. Website users can learn…

Colson Group USA launches caster app

Colson Group USA introduces its new app for iPhone and iPad: Caster CAD 3D. As the global leader in caster and wheels, Colson Group USA offers the most complete product line in the world. Caster CAD 3D offers interactive 3D product catalogs for each of Colson Group USA’s brands and available product series. App…