Double Pedal Floor Locks

Quickly and easily secure your carts with Pemco E-Line Floor Locks. Designed to hold portable equipment in place, light toe pressure is all you need to engage our floor locks. Adaptable to all types of portable equipment, the double pedal floor lock allows for easier floor lock usage than single pedal floor locks by providing two large pedals to utilize for engagement or disengagement.

When engaged, floor locks provide added ground-contact, creating increased friction that prevents a cart from moving. Floor locks increase ergonomic usability, providing a single point that stalls motion, and when placed between swivel casters on standard cart design, reduce operator effort to engage multiple brakes.

Under normal operating conditions, floor locks are not intended to elevate a cart but will help keep a cart stationary. Floor locks are not ideal for use on uneven floor surfaces and should not be used to replace brakes in those environments.

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