Pemco Pnuline Pneumatic casters are recommended for the greatest possible protection to both load and floor, or for off-road applications. If you transport fragile materials or parts, or if you move equipment over rough floors, you should consider this economical product offering. Full pneumatics cushion the load on air – just like automobile or truck wheels.

Caster Features

  • Weight capacities to 450 lbs.
  • Double ball raceways for smooth swiveling action
  • Zerk fitting in swivel raceway for easy maintenance
  • 3/16″ thick steel leg construction
  • 5/8″ diameter kingpin
  • RoHS compliant industrial zinc finish for corrosion resistance

Wheel Features

  • 4-Ply sawtooth pattern wheel treads for better traction and appearance
  • Zerk fitting for easy axle maintenance
  • Standard air nozzle for easy air pressure maintenance
  • Precision ball bearing for smooth rolling ease
  • Zinc plated rims for corrosion resistance

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  • Pemco Pnuline - Pneumatic Swivel Caster
  • Pemco Pnuline - Pneumatic Swivel Caster with Brake
  • Pemco Pnuline - Pneumatic Rigid Caster